I have found over many years that both Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies can be extremely effective when correctly used.  They can help with the following:

  • Reduce inflammation – from injuries, back pain, gut pain
  • Rebalance biochemistry – many vitamins and minerals are co-factors that enable enzymes to function properly. Hormones require specific nutrients to function properly.
  • Assist detoxification – specific vitamins are required for the different detoxification pathways
    Support hormone function – certain vitamins and minerals can help with PMT, menopause

Any supplements used or homeopathic remedies that are recommended, are always targeted to a specific function.

They could be used for healing the gut, supporting liver detoxification, reducing inflammation, supporting immune function, increasing energy reserves, improving insulin and pancreatic function, helping digestive function, improving bowel function, reducing pain …….. and many more causes of ill-health that so many people live with without realising that there are options to improve their health.

Using kinesiology techniques, we work to find the most effective, most compatible remedies to make a difference.

Usually, remedies are taken for one month. It takes that time for the body to make physiological changes so that we can then assess how well treatment is working and what the next phase of treatment needs to be.